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Re: Possible interest survey questions

Hi all.  There have been only TWO replies to the idea of mailing a 
survey with the return ballot to AMSAT.  I know some of your are still
thinking about this but do act on your thoughts!  Here is N6ORS idea.
Below is my proposed modification:

Keith N6ORS wrote:
> How about adding
> 9) What percent of amsat monies should be expended for
>    a.  Heo's
>    b.  Leo's
>    c.  other satellites, i.e. Universitys/foreign
>    d.  Ariss/sarex etc.
> that would be more realistic and honest.
> ps. your grumpy
> Keith (N6ORS)
> ----------------------------------
Let us modify question three to read this way:
3)  Submit a figure between zero and 100 percent what ratio should be
expended on EAGLE and ECHO.  Submit a ratio for expenditures for the
three popular orbits:  High Earth, Low Earth and Molinya elliptical
orbit without giving preference to the type or mode of communication.
    Replace question 8 with this one:
8)  If university or foreign AMATEUR satellite groups can demonstrate
superior satellite construction methods should AMSAT fiscally donate?

I'll send off a new list of questions when there are few more replies!
Cliff K7RR
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