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Re: Possible interest survey questions

Hello Cliff

I like all your ideas but this one will run into some problems..

<<7)  Should life members be asked to volunteer funds equivalent to dues
every few years or is participation in the Presidents Club sufficient?

you can ask all you want but the instant a life member is required to 
contribute something else to retain their life membership then some life 
member will promptly sue the organization.  I am not going to voluteer funds 
equivalent to dues every few years or participate in the Presidents club to 
retain the benifets of my life membership.  If I thought AMSAT (or any of 
the other groups I am a lifer in...ARRL, USNI etc) were doing anything that 
merited additional funds I might donate some earmarked money for.

But so far AMSAT isnt there.  And spending money on Strows making school 
contacts and satellites that are declared success even when well they really 
are not wont cut it.

But I fully support the rest of your "points".

Robert WB5MZO

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