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Re: Oldie but new

From: "Scott Millick"

> now and a Yaesu rotor on a 30 foot tower for satellites only.  I would
> to get on 2.4 and 1.2 links with the same tower and wonder what would be
> good  was thinking of 2 Directive Systems 2.4 loops and a 1.2 antenna from
> there also  Is there anywhere one can get fiberglass H Frames for mounting
> this system. I have the equipment for my VHF UHF station so only the
> antennas are needed. I also have the NOVA software program for computer

Hi Scott and welcome back to the fold,

I'd suggest not using yagis or loops for 2.4 ghz. AO-40 is much more
enjoyable to use with a 2-3 ft dish (not a BBQ type, one that is solid or
fine mesh is better) with a circular feed, and either a low noise preamp, or
a really good converter mounted _directly_ at the feed. One can get by with
less, but receiving is the top priority in a satellite station, and being an
alligator just isn't fun. Downeast Microwave, G3RUH, N3IYR, and others sell
good dishes, and surplus (primestar, pansat, oversized dss) is easy to find.
Check out w0lmd and k5oe's webpages  for circular feeds like patches and
helixes. K5GNA sells about the best downconverters around. This will all
probably be cheaper in the long run anyways than the loop yagis. Order _Mode
S, the book_ from Martha when you send your membership in; it's well worth
it. Welcome back, and hope to hear you on the air.

73, Drew KO4MA

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