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Re: AO-40 Field Day Telemetry suggestion

> Your idea is interesting and one that I had not heard of before (I'm not
> much of a contester).  Interestingly enough we now have the technology to
> actually do this in an fair, objective and measured way.  Something like
> SDR-14 could be used.  In fact there are some sample shots of the AO-40 on
> the web site http://www.rfspace.com/sdr14.html .  The passband could be
> recorded and offending stations spotted on the spectrum display and then
> have their audio played back for identification.

Since power in any portion of the passband is the sum of all signals present
and anyone who's worked AO-40 on FD has had countless experiences with
operators tuning up on top of them or sliding across their QSOs, you'll be
chasing a lot of false violations while also giving a police state feel to
what should be a gentlemen's (and gentlewomen's) hobby.  I hope this idea
never becomes reality.


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