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Re: AO-40 Field Day Telemetry suggestion

> Since power in any portion of the passband is the sum of all signals
> and anyone who's worked AO-40 on FD has had countless experiences with
> operators tuning up on top of them or sliding across their QSOs, you'll be
> chasing a lot of false violations while also giving a police state feel to
> what should be a gentlemen's (and gentlewomen's) hobby.  I hope this idea
> never becomes reality.

Hi Rick,

I too wish that we would see a more civil approach to uplink power use
without using such measures.  So far it hasn't happened.  So that brings me
back to the point that you get more of the behavior that you reward.
Generally I feel that positive rewards are MUCH more effective so I'd prefer
to see something like a score multipliers awarded for lower power

My comment back to Luc was simply to note that the technology exists to
implement his suggestion in a manner which provides better consistency and
fairness than just spot monitoring.  Take another look at the web site and I
think you'll see that stations swishing and tuning are quite easily
separated out.  The ability to select a signal and play it back would also
aid determining the circumstances and who was involved.


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