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ISS Satellite

Yes we do have finance issues, but considering what a tiny group 
of hams we are compared to the general ham population it isnt
suprising. I dont believe our savior is going to be trying to 
recruit children into the ranks, for one they dont have any money.
We are the leading edge of Ham radio yet how many hams participate
4000 members and maybe 1000 straggelers. Considering there is in
excess of several hundered thousand hams out there i think our 
focus is in the wrong direction. We need to be recruiting from our
own ranks. Instead of Iss and schools we should be doing Ao-40 demos
at all the ham clubs in the US and Europe. Although i also believe 
there is a danger there also. We have very few working sats, The only
one with real Gee Whizz factor is AO-40. If we were to recruit new 
members and then AO-40 died we would im sure have many one-year members.
And that i think is one of our big problems. We have to get more Heo's
up or at least more sats (cube or otherwise) with different types of
transponders on them. That, I think is the real solution.

Keith (N6ORS)
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