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ISS Satellite


I think the BoD and Martha can attest that I have complained for years 
about this notion that I constantly hear from some AMSAT members that human 
spaceflight vehicles are not satellites.  I guess that is the same notion 
by some that PSK31 is not amateur radio, that SSB is not REAL amateur radio 
(CW is), that APRS is not amateur radio, etc.

Let not fractionalize ourselves.  As we do, we set ourselves up for a true 

I fully understand that AMSAT has a budget issue.  I think the ARISS team 
and the BoD have done their best to reduce the ARISS costs.  I think we 
should be focusing on fund raising and increasing membership to raise money 
and not fractionalize ourselves.  20 years ago we had a membership contest 
to increase our rolls.  The person that brought on-board the most members 
wins a special prize.  We should really focus on ideas like this.

And for those of you who judge others (i.e. calling them liberals, etc), 
let's not do this to each other.  If there were potential members that 
signed up to this reflector, I think this just hurts our cause and our 

Oh, by the way for those that think I am a liberal....I am registered as a 
republican...but I vote for the causes and candidates I believe 
in---Republican, Democrat or other...as I hope you all in the U.S. do.

73,  Frank, KA3HDO

Message: 16
Date: Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:27:35 -0700
From: Keith N6ORS <k2@pe.net>
Subject: [amsat-bb] ARISS Benefits AMSAT

When people start calling the ISS a satellite to justify the
Ariss spendiing , i start getting scared. We all know this
thread is about money spent on ariss vs communications satellites.
I think in these lean times every penny counts and ariss is
just about the cost of another ao-10. Humanitarian or not, Amsat
should change direction and focus on what i believe was its primary
mission. May there has not been enough debate about this and it
should be one of the main issues of the election.  Its pretty
cut and dry.  How about it candidates.  are you for or aganst?

Keith (N6ORS)

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