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Re: Change of Topic....Vanity AMSAT Numbers

At 07:53 AM 7/13/2003 -0400, RogerKola@aol.com wrote:
>In this State, as well as many others I assume, much revenue is generated
>from the issuance of "Vanity" License plates for your vehicles.
>As a suggestion, why doesn't AMSAT "recycle" "abandoned AMSAT member numbers
>at either an "Auction" or set price, with an additional "renewal" fee every
>year or 5 years or whatever.
>These "recycled" member numbers should NOT include those of life members who
>have paid for the privilege but have passed on, but only those which have 
>"dropped" without life membership,
>The FCC does it with Vanity Calls...we have an 8 year old here with a 1x2
>call, sure is funny to hear her sign off but I respect her diligence.
>I think I would look good signing with AMSAT #102 or whatever....In fact...to
>make it fair to the "old timers", give them a 6 month opportunity to "opt in"
>and move their numbers down first...at the same fee of course...
>It's fair, it's inexpensive, it's Vanity...

NO... Please NO


John Rice  K9IJ
Webmaster, Network Admin, Janitor

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