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A Chance to put your Money where your Heart is...AMSAT

First let me explain that the reason I am so wound up this weekend is that I 
am starting a new job this week as a salesperson for a Local AM Radio Station, 
WESX 1230.

What could be better for a Ham who likes to talk, than to listen to AM Radio 
all day, talk, and get paid for it?  Anyway...

Here is my solution to AMSAT's financial woes...

I have put the following listing on EBay

Earn Credit for Sponsoring WA1KAT into AMSAT! (Item #3035487757):


I am Bidding out for a sponsorship to all those who have set goals to add new 
members....I WILL PAY MY OWN AMSAT Membership fee of $36 and all listing fees 
(and PAYPAL if you choose to use it).

You just mail your winning bid into AMSAT (address given) with your call and 
preference for use as a Contribution from YOU! ....Don't send the money to me!

I will dutifully put "sponsored by's" in my comments to the BB if you wish (I 
am guessing most will want to have nothing to do with most of my comments)

I have started at $1.00 but my wife and kids think I am worth more than that 
so please don't disappoint them.

Enjoy Bidding, have fun, and Go AMSAT!

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