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RE: where does our money go?

> Political rhetoric aside, Federal research grants could provide
> an excellent opportunity to fund some AMSAT activities.  Of
> course, trying to take advantage of these opportunities requires
> a fair amount of work...

Yes, and there are 4000 of us.  Maybe if some of us spent more time
writing grant proposals instead of emails of what we think someone else
should  do, then some of this large amount of work might get done.

It takes a lot of work and time to do that.  Id rather the few in AMSAT
that do do the work, work on satellites, and let all the hot air types
write all the proposals and bring in some help...

> o ...seek funding to expand ARISS project in some new dimension...
> o ...mentor student satellites would be highly fundable...
> o ...provide researchers access to the RUDAK processors...
> Having said that, actually getting, negotiating, administering and
> executing a research grant is a lot of work.  Pursuing Federal
> research grants is probably not a step that AMSAT should take
> likely, but I believe that it is a step that could be a really
> big win for AMSAT.

AMSAT is us.  Anyone can on their own initiative take on these and other
wonderful projects.  Bring in the results and one would be a hero in
everyone's eyes...


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