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Re: AO-40 Field Day Telemetry

> > http://home.cfl.rr.com/lmclamb/ao40fd03.html
> > The peak U-Rx AGC reading is 41.7 dB!
> great research! I think same can be expected at AO-40 Birthday Bash:
> September 16, 2003, 0000 UTC and ending November 17, 2003, 0000 UTC AMSAT
> is sponsoring a bash to celebrate AO-40's 3rd Birthday. SSB,

Thank you Reinhard.

I hope you are wrong but fear you may be proved right.  It would be quite
annoying and a real shame to have to endure two months of high AGC levels.

While the Birthday Bash announcement does state "CW and digital operations
be performed with minimal power (QRP suggested) to keep the AGC down.",
there's no mention of proper operation by the more prevalent voice stations.
Also since there is no incentive for operating with lower power uplinks, the
effect is to indirectly reward those who use too much power.  I really feel
quite strongly that we will continue to get the behavior we reward.  Until
we start rewarding good behavior, we're likely to continue seeing the QSO
Party and Field Day scenarios played out again and again.


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