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Launch opportunities....

I must have had an epiphany last night.....

I personally know of four Launch opportunities coming up in the next two 
years and I am not one who is really in the loop for such things....

1) AMSAT India may be short one cubesat for their planned launch and are 
looking to certify packages now (short 1 cubesat equals ballast)...LEO orbit

2) Bob Bruninga has two unfilled launch opportunities to go up in the next 2 
years...LEO orbits I presume

3) Dennis, KD4ETA, has a Launch opportunity within the next 2 years to put a 
Satellite in GEOSYNCHRONOUS orbit, with virtually unlimited power, and all he 
wants is a little technological help on a control system, and a promise of 
noninterference in trade, and a package to put up.

Wouldn't it behoof AMSAT to develop "off the shelf" cubesat packages which 
can be put up into "immediate" opportunities to further the availability of 
birds....think of the number of launch opportunities which must be "lost" by 
universities because the technology or time factor becomes overwhelming. AMSAT 
could solicit all Engineering type Universities and offer a "backup" or base 
packages, complete with Amateur transponder, for them to put their "bleep" SATs in, 
or identify as "their own" as is.

Let's join Henry Ford and go into "mass production"...and take advantage of 
all opportunities!

My Brain's cooked...I still don't know how Bob Bruninga does it...


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