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I'm just taking this sunday morning reflexion period reading back messages on AMSAT-BB. Not an easy task...

The money factor if i try to evaluate amsat financial statements i will come with my personnal evaluation. Is 
it possible to get somewhere a pie chart graphic or on a table format dividing in % how much an AMSA-NA 
dollar of revenue is spent? We can that way all see exactly and clearly where our money goes.

The ARISS factor. We try to compensate the missing 4000 by promoting in part by ARISS. But when i giving a 
school QSO experience, some answered me back telling me that was not enough, that i should speak about Packet 
APRS and so on because student are sharp. Thats was exactly my point but no one came back on the idea 

ARRL have their big project program to try to rejuvenate the ham ranks. Lets forget one minute the students 
and the young and look around you. When you visit any hamfest what you see around you.. peoples over 50 years 
old for the vast majority. I cannot speak for the whole world but HAM RADIO OPERATORS ARE AGING here in North 

They are quitting so fast that we are unable to fill those who leave our hobby. And those (the hams) who 
presently are in the work force are in less than 10 years from their retirement.

HAM radio is a senior citizens affair even our local ham club is now located in a senior citizen community 

A part of the missing 4000 are no more with us but some are on internet this mean high speed communications 
and hi-fi audio with a world wide range. It's our fierciest competitor.

The rest vanish in thin air, there is no more need for the famous autopatch we all have cellular phones and 
more they are now integrated with computers so we can get our emails in our pocket pants. What we have to 
offer to compete the thd-7...

The only one real technical assets we have actually are named SATELLITES that we can use and play on. NO ONE 
ELSE actually can pretend to be able to talk directly in the space throught satellites.


We need more more money but we need also more members, but to get more members we should have more satellites 
but to be able to have more satellites we need more money. we are turning on ourself. The usual egg chicken 
drama who come first SATELLITE or ARISS?

BOD members and candidates should make clear with the above mentionned pie chart WHERE OUR MONEY GOES instead 
of telling us go find that by yourself its there and don't bother us with theses already spoken too 
questions! We volumteer our time to our AMSAT jobs and use your common sense and lets us go our way. You 
elected us or we take a charge shut your XYZ mouth and lets us do our jobs.

Thats what i retain from some AMSAT folks comments this past week and i found that profoundly insulting for 
the WE... US the members.


Lets forget the actual BOD members but concentrate more on the candidates. What they can offer us more? We 
asked some simple questions (the pie chart) wich one will come up with this pie chart?

Candidates we all received your letters and read your messages on AMSAT-BB Is it now our time receiving YOUR 
answers from OUR questions some have been spoken some not, many not clearly.

Lets now concentrate on the actual BOD members, instead of letting US guessing aroud over financial questions 
can you guided us to a the above pie chart question? If the new candidates cannot give us this chart is it 
possible to get it from you? I personnaly don't have your EXCEL file but you surely have one, where we can 
get it?

Thank's for time taken to answered US back.Luc Leblanc VE2DWE (AMSAT 33583)
Coordonnateur AMSAT pour le Québec
Quebec AMSAT coordinator
SITES WEB:http://www.sorel-tracy.qc.ca/~luclebla/
Sorel-Tracy QC.
J3P 5N6

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