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Another thought......AMSAT vs SAREX

I believe AMSAT itself has added to the rift between ARISS and AMSAT by 
separating the discussions of operations into two "distinct" Bulletin Boards, 
AMSAT-BB@amsat.org. and SAREX-@amsat.org.

I for one have been admonished several times for "crossposting" on the two 
boards information which is of interest to both groups. An example is the 
successful separation of a trash barge and the initial functioning of a satellite 
attached to it, 20 minutes after it occurred.

I was essentially told, "as soon as it separates from ISS, it belongs on the 
AMSAT Board, not crossposted to both."

This attempt to separate the ISS activities from the AMSAT-BB has only led to 
the reduction of understanding between the two groups. If ISS is of AMSAT 
interest, and it is a satellite as Frank Bauer has pointed out, why do we have 
two BBs administered by the same person? If there has to be two BBs, why not 
allow crossposting?

Food for thought...

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