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Change of Topic....Vanity AMSAT Numbers

In this State, as well as many others I assume, much revenue is generated 
from the issuance of "Vanity" License plates for your vehicles.

As a suggestion, why doesn't AMSAT "recycle" "abandoned AMSAT member numbers 
at either an "Auction" or set price, with an additional "renewal" fee every 
year or 5 years or whatever.

These "recycled" member numbers should NOT include those of life members who 
have paid for the privilege but have passed on, but only those which have been 
"dropped" without life membership,

The FCC does it with Vanity Calls...we have an 8 year old here with a 1x2 
call, sure is funny to hear her sign off but I respect her diligence.

I think I would look good signing with AMSAT #102 or whatever....In fact...to 
make it fair to the "old timers", give them a 6 month opportunity to "opt in" 
and move their numbers down first...at the same fee of course...

It's fair, it's inexpensive, it's Vanity...


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