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There is a common misconception in the AMSAT community that human 
spaceflight vehicles (Mir, Shuttle, ISS) are not satellites.  Any object 
that orbits the Earth is considered a satellite. Actually, to quote 
Webster's dictionary, a satellite is:

"a device designed to be launched into orbit around the Earth, another 
planet, the Sun, etc."

Clearly Mir, the Shuttle and ISS fall into this category and are satellites 
(when they are in orbit).

Another thing.  If you read the many articles the ARISS team have written 
over the years and presented at the AMSAT Symposium, we have always stated 
that an integral part of our program will be the development and deployment 
of external payloads on ISS.  These can be university payloads, AMSAT 
payloads, etc.  These will operate as satellites that are "attached" to the 
ISS.  Pretty much totally autonomous (they will need to be shut off during 
EVAs, but these only happen a couple of times a year and are no longer than 
7 hours each).  Early next year the first of these are expected to be 
flown.  A Naval Academy Satellite called PCSat-2.  So, does this fit your 
definition of a satellite?  Is this something that AMSAT should work 
on?  Seems to me that there is a "satellite" opportunity here that the 
AMSAT hasn't thought about.  That opportunity exists only if the AMSAT 
community considers ISS a satellite.

Think about it.


Frank Bauer, KA3HDO

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Date: Sat, 12 Jul 2003 21:10:05 -0700
From: Keith N6ORS <k2@pe.net>
Subject: [amsat-bb] Re: RE: ARISS Benefits AMSAT

Try reading the bylaws.  Most people would familiarize themselves with
these before
they put down money to join an organization.  I guess some dont.  Pay
attention to the line that starts with 'Third" and the orders in which
are stated. usually "A" being most important, "B" following 'A" as the
next most
important etc. , dont worry , its near the top.


Keith (N6ORS)
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