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RE: where does our money go?

> Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 13:29:33 -0400
> From: Arthur H Feller
> Subject: RE: [amsat-bb] where does our money go?
> 	[...]
> Government grants?  Well, as one former President put it, "When you get in 
> bed with the Government, you often get more than a good night's 
> sleep."  Still, we look at all reasonable ideas.
> 	[...]

Political rhetoric aside, Federal research grants could provide
an excellent opportunity to fund some AMSAT activities.  Of
course, trying to take advantage of these opportunities requires
a fair amount of work.  However, I think that there are several
pretty interesting stories that AMSAT could tell.

o	The most obvious opportunity seems to be to seek funding
	to expand the ARISS project in some new dimension.  We
	could tell a wonderful story about our success in stimulating
	the next generation of space scientists.  If AMSAT were
	to pursue Federal research grants, I believe that we
	would be remiss if we didn't leverage our ARISS successes.
	(Frank appears to be all but clubbing us
	over the head on this topic...)

o	I believe that an effective project to mentor student
	satellites would be highly fundable.  Never mind that
	our "Vice President Educational Liaison" (whatever that
	is) position is vacant.  We probably don't have the
	sort of track record mentoring student satellites 
	that we have with ARISS, but we could probably still
	tell a pretty good story.  (We might even let them
	use "our" spectrum...)
o	We could create a program to provide researchers access
	to the RUDAK processors.  Perhaps, we could create a 
	committee that would provide a certain number of hours
	of RUDAK time to the most promising experimental proposals.
	(I don't know what the RUDAKs are actually doing, but they
	seem to be a highly underutilized asset.)

Having said that, actually getting, negotiating, administering and
executing a research grant is a lot of work.  Pursuing Federal
research grants is probably not a step that AMSAT should take
likely, but I believe that it is a step that could be a really
big win for AMSAT.

If I get time, I will write more extended comments about Federal
research grants as an opportunity for AMSAT.

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