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Satellite Contact Reporting Analysis and Prediction (SCRAP)

Last May, I introduced SCRAP as a free software product
to the amateur community. Many thanks to those users
that have already tried it and provided feedback.

SCRAP is a Windows(95+) application using OpenGL and
GLUT (modified) that tracks and predicts passes of
satellites based on the geographical location of the
ground station, the current date and time as provided
by the computer systemís clock, and Keplerian orbital
data for the satellites of interest to the ground
station.  The software is capable of tracking over 1000
satellites real-time, as well as producing contact reports.
In addition to the satellites, it provides ground labeling
for over 260 countries and 2265 Cities.  The user is able
to pick from many Earth map textures, apply island, lake,
rivers, US states, coastal lines and national boundaries

SCRAP has now been modified to display APRS stations on
the world globe using Internet downloads.  The latest
version can track and plot up to 30,000 APRS station.
I've been able to download and display slightly over
5000 stations.

Satellite Contact Reporting Analysis and Prediction (SCRAP)
is evolving into a more powerful tool, and it's still free.
Some of it's latest features are:

1.  Scripted Internet download of TLE's (currently 30 from
2.  Internet download and display of over 30,000 APRS stations.
3.  3-D display of the Earth viewed from multiple perspectives
    and selectable texture overlays.
4.  Can make any country, city, QTH or APRS station source for
    display, contact and pass predictions and reports
5.  Simulation times using MJD, JD, GPS or calendar dates.
6.  Display of ephemeris position and velocity vectors.
7.  Simultaneous display and prediction of over 1000 satellites,
    the only limitation is the speed of your computer, memory
    and graphics card OpenGL accelerators.
8.  TLE decomposer into orbital elements (not an editor yet).
9.  Multi-track panel displays current and predicted passes in
    real-time for all satellites.
10. Selectable SGP, SDP4/SGP4 and SDP8/SGP8 ephemeris propagation
    models. Experiment in differences in various algorithms.
11. A new antenna control panel is being added, when complete it
    will provide background steering commands independent of other
    SCRAP functions.

Primary PPT presentation on SCRAP
	- Primary http://www.rtty.com/bytheway/SCRAP
	- Alternate  http://wetnet.net/~aa6ed/
Download SCRAP
	- Primary http://www.rtty.com/bytheway/SCRAP/download
	- Alternate http://wetnet.net/~aa6ed/SCRAP/download

SCRAP is similar to Analytic Graphics STK, Aerospace SOAP, Predict
and InstantTrac software, with the exception that it is truly
Windows based, has been tested on Windows 95, 98 and 2000.

All software has been home grown at the Bytheway Software Development
Lab (BSDL) and is free of viruses and pesticides.  This software is
new to the amateur radio community.  Feel free to check out my other
accomplishments at my WEB site:


Bill Bytheway
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