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Re: RE: ARISS Benefits AMSAT

I think a little clearification is in order here, a lot of these threads
turned in to rambling nonsense because people like to throw in phrases
'for the children' and 'amateur service'.  To address the first phrase,
I would
like to know how many people send their money in to 'help the children'
(I.E support ariss)
vs.  how many send it in to get satellites lofted. And i cant wait to
hear the reply
trying to obfuscate that question. My guess is very few really give a
darn about ISS especially
as it does very little for us. I think if you read the charter you will
find Amsat was 
created to loft satellites for experimentation and pushing the state of
the art.

The second phrase is one i have heard a lot lately also. And i think
people who use
it should also read about why amateur radio or more accurately why us
amateurs were
allowed frequency spectrum and the priviledge to transmit in them. I
dont think you 
will find the main reason was Service to other groups or people. 

The point of all this being. when a point is raised about say ariss
funding it should
be addressed directly not reduced to nonsense because someone uses the
argument of
'its for the children'. I get enough of that liberal garbage on tv when
some politician
wants to steal my tax money and use it for something i wouldnt spend it
on myself.

Keith (N6ORS)
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