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Re: RE: ARISS Benefits AMSAT

On Sat, 12 Jul 2003, Jeff Davis wrote:

> > It is meaningless unless you also compare it to other earmarked
> > contributions.  Comparing earmarked contributions to dues is a
> > meaningless number.  You are comparing apples and oranges.
> Since the ARISS project began, specially earmarked contributions from
> the amateur satellite community has been around $6,000.

Lets then say AMSAT has spent $96,000 then on ARISS (just a guess).

> P3D received about $1,000,000 in earmarked contributions from the same
> community.

And it cost AMSAT what?  Maybe $3,000,000? total? (again just a guess).
THus, AMSAT BOD's decisions went 95% to support a satellite for the users
and only 5% went to ARISS.  QUibble the numbers to correct for any gross
errors on my estimates, but you still come up with the fact that only a
piddling percentage of AMSAT monies went to ARISS comopared to AO-40.

Now then, Lets compare the value of AO-40 to the value of ARISS.  Is it 20
times more valuable?  If we had spent 5% more on AO-40 and NONE on ARISS
where would we be?  I wont even bother to go on...

> Does this properly put into persepctive for you how much *more* the
> satellite community would like to support a P3 satellite with linear
> transponders than a promotional project for NASA?

Nope,  Its still apples and oranges.

> I'd prefer not to continue this thread because you are making it appear
> that I am against the ARISS project when nothing could be further from
> the truth. I like what is being done and hope that it continues and
> achieves even more success.

Please understand that I also mean nothing personal...  Im just
responding to what I see and sometime the written word in Email is
confusing and just needs some clarification.  I am all for efforts to
find other supporters of ARISS, but I am only reacting to the comments
that said AMSAT should back out.  A mistake in my opinion.

> I just wish those who benefit the most from it (like NASA and the ARRL)
> would bear the cost allowing AMSAT to direct more money to the
> construction and launch of amateur satellites.

I agree

> Obviously, any monies that are specifically earmarked for ARISS should
> flow to ARISS. Taking money from membership dues to partially fund ARISS
> is making an assumption that the members want that done and I'm not certain
> that's a valid assumption.

We elect a board of directors and enpower them to make the right
decisions with our dues.  Its not a fun job because someone always has
different individual opinions..  So I hope we all support them and may the
best men win...


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