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Help modifying CalAmp #31243 MMDS for S-band

Does anyone have information on how to modify a 
CalAmp 31243 to receive on 2400 MHz?  

I managed to acquire a California Amplifier MMDS "low noise
downconverter high gain model."  The part number is 31243.
Physically, it's a small white brick with two connectors and
looks similar to a California Amplifier 31732 unit.  My unit is 
speced for 1.7dB NF and 32 dB gain.  

The problem is that this model has an input from 2500-2686 
MHz and an output from 222-408 MHz.  I suspect that the 
bandpass filters attenuate significantly at 2400 MHz.  

I seem to recall that there was some sort of modification that 
involved Teflon tape(?) that could be made to circuit board 
stripline filters to lower the bandpass to the 2400 MHz range.  
Can someone explain how this trick works?

Douglas KA2UPW
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