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Re: RE: ARISS Benefits AMSAT

* Bob Bruninga <bruninga@usna.edu> [2003-07-12 11:29]:
> It is meaningless unless you also compare it to other earmarked
> contributions.  Comparing earmarked contributions to dues is a meaningless
> number.   You are comparing apples and oranges.

Since the ARISS project began, specially earmarked contributions from
the amateur satellite community has been around $6,000.

P3D received about $1,000,000 in earmarked contributions from the same

Does this properly put into persepctive for you how much *more* the
satellite community would like to support a P3 satellite with linear
transponders than a promotional project for NASA?

I'd prefer not to continue this thread because you are making it appear
that I am against the ARISS project when nothing could be further from 
the truth. I like what is being done and hope that it continues and achieves 
even more success. 

I just wish those who benefit the most from it (like NASA and the ARRL) would 
bear the cost allowing AMSAT to direct more money to the construction and launch 
of amateur satellites.

Obviously, any monies that are specifically earmarked for ARISS should
flow to ARISS. Taking money from membership dues to partially fund ARISS
is making an assumption that the members want that done and I'm not certain 
that's a valid assumption. 

Jeff, Ke9v
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