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Re: 10m Turnstile or Loop for AO-7

>Just fiddling around with AO-7.  I know the 10m loop antenna would be easier
>to build and at 1/4 wavelength above ground (~8 ft) and 34ft. total length,
>it wouldn't be hard to receive really well on this.  On the other hand, the
>turnstile would require a phasing harness.  Right now, I'm using a
>multi-band HF vertical.  Just about anything would be better than what I
>Any opinions on the turnstile v. loop, or did I answer my own questions?

Hi Joel,
You "sort of" answered your own question!!

At one time on AO-07 I had a three element beam, an inverted vee, a 
horizontal loop, and a vertical....Switchable, immediately.

I would suggest addding a horizontal loop (I gamma matched mine) in 
combination with your vertical, and you should experience good results...At 
that time I had an ancient receiver that needed the home brew pre-amp, but 
with anything fairly new that should not be necessary...

As would be expected the beam worked the best when the satellite was 
on/near the
horizon, the vertical next, for horizon operation.  At ELS above ~25° the 
inverted vee began to take over, and the horizontal loop at high ELS....As 
we get into the lows in the sunspot cycle, the ten meter downlink will 
really shine.  I for one would like to see another LEO with that 
capability.  Simple inexpensive equipment to operate it....bandwidth for 
many simultaneous users, no real need for a rotor system.  Many of us cut 
our teeth on it, and it certainly enabled AMSAT to help with a solid 

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn.... 

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