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Re: where does our money go?

At 03:05 PM 11-07-03 -0400, Luc Leblanc (VE2DWE) wrote:
>I got this from your link:
>We are in the process of switching to a system that will require users to 
>register before they can view scanned images of Forms 990. In the 
>meantime, please go directly to www.guidestar.org for registration and 
>access to the forms. A direct link will be available shortly. We apologize 
>for any inconvenience.

Didn't know the site had changed.  Thanks for letting me know!

If you register (free and requiring little information), you will find lots 
of financial data about AMSAT as well as PDF's of our Form 990 returns for 
1997 through 2001.  We filed a timely return for 2002.  But, I don't know 
when it will be posted.

>As you can see we are lacking a lot of informations, this explain in part 
>this flow of questionning. The more we get the less we will ask, but there 
>is a huge amount of good points unanswered yet. Sorry if you feel some
>comments are negative, it is probably coming from a lack of informations 
>that's why some ask questions to BOD members and candidates before voting! 
>Can we guess all this questionning will stops after the elections?

Questions are ALWAYS in order.  Just, please, have some respect for the 
time of those having to answer.  Do a little research to find out if 
obvious answers already exist.

Lots of information has been published for all to see, though I note that 
some haven't read what's out there.  Much is in the AMSAT Journal.  Folks 
who are not Members won't have all the published information.  For those 
who are not Members, how about becoming a Member?  We've got six years of 
the Journal on CD-ROM to help you catch up!

>Why you feel that way?  nobody ever tell  "Members of the Board are 
>neither idiots nor demi-gods." If you feel so too bad for you.

Why do I feel that way?  Because I know they're just good people trying to 
do the best they can - just like anyone else in their shoes.  Many 
questioners seem to forget that.

>If the fact that members put pressures to have explanations makes you feel
>uncomfortable this rings me a bell...

I'm not uncomfortable at all - especially answering questions which are 
well considered.  After a while, listening to questions not well researched 
or thought out gets frustrating.  How would you feel in the same situation?

>New members does not have a 15 years experience in amsat and we take
>your word when you say "I can tell you that they all work most 
>conscientiously" but stating this this should not refrain any members the 
>right to ask and commenting.

Of course.  I agree completely.

>Its you who just developped this new concept  "Remember, being a Member 
>and VOTING earns you the right to complain."

Actually, that's a very old concept.  Only, I tried to put it positively 
rather than negatively hoping to persuade non-Members using AMSAT-BB (more 
than half the list) without contributing to join.

>I personnaly don't see the actual discussions as complaints but fierce 

Sometimes.  It depends on how the question is put.

>What we want from the BOD its to know how they will handle the present 
>members questionning in giving clear ideas not just general ideas on their 
>plans. What they think is worthwhile and what is not and how they will
>made theses corrections.

Ask away!

Hope this helps.

73, art.....  

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