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Re: RE: ARISS Benefits AMSAT

from page 21 of the March/April AMSAT Journal:

"The ARISS project has been costing AMSAT $30,000 to $40,000 per year,
but there has been some money coming in.  In 2000 we spent $47,000 for
ARISS and took in $1,300 in earmarked donations.  In 1999 we spent
$20,000 and took in

Is this difficult for you to understand or is it simply difficult for
you to accept Bob?

ARISS is cool, okay. Nobody wants it to go away! It is a high-profile
project that brings a lot of recognition to amateur radio and to NASA.
The ARRL and NASA should be pouring money into it.

But since AMSAT has been spending money on ARISS, membership has
actually declined. You can't possibly make the argument that the high
profile ARISS project is increasing the membership or bottom line of

When an organization like AMSAT spends $47,000 for a program that
members think so much about that they send in $1,300 to support, then
it is fair game to question whether the leadership of AMSAT is really
in touch with the membership.

Jeff, Ke9v

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Sounds like they are of sound mind and making good decisons in our
but comparing the $7 to the 25 cents isflawed logic.  The $7 per year
comes out of UNDSEIGNATED dues...

Give some relavant numbers then we may listen.  'TIll then its just

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