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Re: Re: ARISS Benefits AMSAT

On Fri, 11 Jul 2003, Estes Wayne-W10191 wrote:

> ensure AMSAT's survival?  Quite a few of us believe that NASA is the
> main beneficiary, and ham radio in general is a secondary beneficiary.
> The primary activity of ARISS is school contacts, and NASA could and
> would do that without ham radio if necessary (probably more easily than
> with ham radio).

Absolutely they would.  And HAM radio would have no part in it.

In fact, we could withdraw all HAM radio support for Marathons,
Walkathons, Boy Scouts, local Charity events, Parades, COunty emergency
exercises, The Red cross, Skywarn, and every other thing we do to show
what HAM radio can do...

But then we would be all alone sitting in our basements, no one would ever
know what HAM radio is (What? never heard of em...) and the next year when
the FCC looks for spectrum to auction off for 10 Billion Dollars, guess
where they are going to find it?

> Wayne:
> I'm NOT advocating killing ARISS.  I doubt that anybody else is either.
> I'm advocating that AMSAT shouldn't pay for ARISS out of project funds
> that most AMSAT members expect to be used for satellite construction and
> launch.  I'm advocating that AMSAT should aggressively seek alternative
> funding sources for ARISS.  NASA and ARRL are obvious candidates because
> they derive significant benefit from ARISS (much more than AMSAT does,
> in my opinion).  And there are many other companies and foundations we
> could solicit.

Withdraw funds, it dies.
But I see no problem with the second part of your objective.  GO for it.
Remember, WE are AMSAT.  Anything you can do to get someone else to send
us money is a positive in my book!

de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob

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