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Re: where does our money go?

On Friday 11 July 2003 3:16 pm, Paul Willmott wrote:
> I wouldn't, ... in 20 years time I can read paper, ... what chance of pdf?
> Can you still read Apple II disks?

Hi Paul,
  then you should continue to get paper..
 But  I for one would also prefer a pdf option.
    I can keep years archived on single CD, it doesn't rot, and doesn't weigh 
a ton.
  If I kept every QST, 73, BYTE, AMSAT JOURNAL I ever got  my house would be 
flattened, other publications such as HOME POWER magazine have the dual 
option and it works out great... they have from number 1 on their site...

  The beauty of it is, pdf subscribing members get their journal instantly, 
AMSAT'S benefit is reduced costs... then after a year, you could have them 
available to the general public on the website.. 
  It would be a great resource, plus it would give prospective members the 
chance to look through past Journals...


BTW I also have files that were on expiring media... and I moved all of my 
5.25's to 3.5's and then to CD's which I think will be around for awhile...
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