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Re: where does our money go?

Hi, Louis!!

At 05:29 PM 11-07-03 -0400, Louis A. Mamakos wrote:
>I'd be happy to receive my "AMSAT Journal" electronically, via email
>as a PDF file.   The effort and resources should go into producing and
>editing the content, not buying dead trees and paying to have them
>shipped around.  I'm sure there are many others like me and this might
>add up to some noticable cost savings.

The matter has been under consideration by the Office and the Board.  Of 
course, the issue is not simple.  Here are some of the factors.

[1] Currently, printing and mailing the Journal is relatively inexpensive 
(thank you, Martha!) because of production methods, the printing quantity, 
use of a bulk non-profit mailing permit and a consolidator for foreign 
addresses.  Real cost, I believe, is about $0.50 per copy for domestic 
recipients and about $1.00 per copy for foreign recipients.

[2] Reductions in number of printed issues will likely be offset by 
increased printing costs to the point the net cost of printed issues won't 
change much.

[3] Many people prefer the print edition, especially those without 
computers and those who prefer reading in the bed or bathroom (really, 
we've heard these comments).  Many would prefer an electronic version, if 
it were available, because it saves space, could add color, and could be 
delivered much more quickly.  Some see a printed Journal as having a better 
archival value and appearance (and this doesn't even begin to speak to 
formats which we produce today being readable in 20 years).  At the same 
time, we've been producing a searchable CD-ROM version of the 
Journal.  (See Martha for copies.)

[4] The Journal is an important benefit of Membership and we NEED 
members.  One concern is that the Journal could be more easily copied and 
re-distributed to non-Members in electronic form, and, so, decrease our 
membership, even if access is password protected.

[5] To make an electronic Journal available only to Members, we will need 
to redo the existing membership data base system so that it can work in 
conjunction with Journal distribution so that only Members can read the 
site.  So far, we've had no volunteers.  Anybody out there?

I'm sure there are other factors I've forgotten.  But, this will give you 
an idea of what's involved in making a decision like this.

Hope this helps.

73, art.....
W4ART  Fairfax VA  

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