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Re: To all BOD current and maybe new BOD

At 07:23 PM 7/10/03 -0700, Keith N6ORS wrote:
>This sounds like a great idea, as a pre-election
>face off between candidates. I think as a regular
>weekly thing you will run out of things to talk 
>about. But it would be useful if maybe the BOD
>published a short monthly update, say emailed to
>bruce, to be read over the houston amsat net.
>Keith (N6ORS)

That's fine and dandy if you live in Texas!  So I see talk of using Voip or
IRLP (excuse if I spell these wrong).  How do we who live "far and away"
tap in?  Will this go to all IRLP stations?  Details please.

Ed - AL7EB
my nearest IRLP is in Anchorage (147.21) run by KL7M...not sure of the call
of the repeater. 

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