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Re: president's club

>Why don't we just do it ourselves?
>Make you a deal ... between now and the end of July let's each get one
>new person to join AMSAT. If we can't coax a new member by the end of
>the month, let's buy a membership for a friend or acquantance out of our
>own pocket.
>That's $36 in the US. If just 500 of us on this list took that
>challenge, we would grow the membership of AMSAT-NA by about 13%.
>That's a significant increase for very little investment and if nothing
>else, it would expose a few more people to what we do.
>I can't think of a better way to help out than by donating a little
>money, inviting someone to join us and by making *sure* that we all
>VOTE in the upcoming election.
>Can you?
>What say?

Jeff, I'll take you up on that if I have to do the paying (a pittance, I 
know) if I can keep the funds from being wasted on ISS/ARISS/FM voice birds!
If he does the paying, it's his choice, I'll educate him!!

I've convinced quite a few people to read the BB even though they are not 
members, hoping to influence them by osmosis....We've got some pretty clear 
thinkers out here on the West Coast, and they soon sort the bellyachers 
from the positive presentations..

I just got two new members, one tnx to a lead from Bill, W3XO, our Chairman 
of the Bd, and the other from our Field Day setup...I won't count those!

Anyone else out there taking up Jeff?

You keep the tally, Jeff, and report to the Board...

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn.... 

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