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Re: ARISS Benefits AMSAT

Bob Bruninga wrote:

By the numbers I have seen, it looks like funding for 30 years of ARISS is about equal to one LEO satellite.

Wayne replies:

Using the Board Meeting's approximation of $30,000 per year spent on ARISS, 30 years of ARISS would be 9 million dollars, which is about two AO40's.

Regardless of the magnitude, the real question is, it APPROPRIATE for AMSAT to financially support ARISS?  We already provide most of the labor.  We don't appear to be the main beneficiary.  We have a severe shortage of resources for building and launching satellites, which is clearly what most AMSAT members want to be the primary objective of AMSAT.

This would be a moot point if a wealthy AMSAT member makes a $30,000 annual donation earmarked to ARISS.  But the board reports that annual contributions earmarked to ARISS have been a paltry $1000-1500 per year.  That's a good indicator of the membership's interest in funding ARISS relative to funding new satellites.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA
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