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president's club

On Friday, July 11, 2003, at 02:40  PM, John Heaton wrote:

> I think the whole idea of a Presidents Club smacks of Elitism, and
> gives the impression that if you don't donate more than a certain
> amount then your donation doesn't mean much, and if so why bother
> donating in the first place.

I couldn't agree more John. The only rational I have heard for this
scheme is that "it works". I don't believe that this is a valid
justification nor that it is working all that well.

I would be the last person to suggest that fundraising is an easy
job but I wonder how many people have been turned off of donating
to AMSAT because of the elitist tone ? ...or how many have had their
(unjustified) suspicions that AMSAT is an elitist organization
confirmed by it ?

Jut my $0.02 worth.

Best Regards,
Don Agro VE3VRW
AMSAT #29442

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