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Re: president's club

* Dieter K. Schliemann <kx4y@AMSAT.Org> [2003-07-11 09:40]:
> Let's pull together.  Let's support AMSAT financially as best as we can, 
> and let's support AMSAT with presenting good ideas to our elected BOD, and 
> lastly, let's all do something to encourage and help new members.

I couldn't agree more Dieter!

What happened to that "membership drive" that was supposed to occur not
long ago?

Why don't we just do it ourselves?

Make you a deal ... between now and the end of July let's each get one 
new person to join AMSAT. If we can't coax a new member by the end of
the month, let's buy a membership for a friend or acquantance out of our
own pocket.

That's $36 in the US. If just 500 of us on this list took that
challenge, we would grow the membership of AMSAT-NA by about 13%.

That's a significant increase for very little investment and if nothing
else, it would expose a few more people to what we do.

I can't think of a better way to help out than by donating a little
money, inviting someone to join us and by making *sure* that we all 
VOTE in the upcoming election.

Can you?

What say?
Jeff, Ke9v
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