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Re: Up-coming AMSAT Board Election -

Maybe AMSAT should not be the main supporter of ARISS.  Maybe it should be 
the ARRL.  ARISS certainly needs to continue and someone has to foot the 
bill, but who?


Hello All.

Why not NASA funding?

There is a reality that I dont think is being discussed.  If "all" the non 
NASA funding for ARISS was terminated NASA would find a way internally to 
fund the school contacts.  I am not for sure that would necessarily mean 
that they would do it through amateur radio...but there would be school 
contacts.  Indeed if the amateur radio radio were to die tomorrow you would 
find that the contacts would continue via "other means".

NASA spends millions on the education gig.  I would wager the travel budget 
for the astronauts to visit schools around the country is into six figures.  
  I dont have a clue why AMSAT is spending dollars that are to subsidize a 
NASA PR effort.

Robert Oler WB5MZO

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