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Re: president's club

Hi John and Greg

There hardly has been a time over more than 20 years when I did not make a 
contribution to AMSAT whenever I got a solicitation for one.  I never 
worried about designating my contributions to one cause or another.

We elect our BOD members to make these and other pertinent decisions.  For 
people who think that they know it all much better than our elected BOD 
members, they have the option to run for and be elected on the AMSAT 
BOD.  It has been my impression for all of the time that I have been an 
AMSAT member(22 years), that all of our present and past AMSAT BOD members 
are working the best they can as unpaid volunteers to accomplish what is in 
the best interest of all AMSAT members.  I know that for many, being a BOD 
member, means putting in just about as much of an effort as holding a full 
time paid job.  Luckily for us, we have some members who are willing to, 
and can afford to do that.

Sitting on the sidelines here reading comments from so many people talking 
about "them" and "they" instead of "us", I wonder how much help we get from 
these people to fund and build satellites, instead of getting complaints 
only.  There are many things most of us can do.  We can help our AMSAT 
organization by being satellite enthusiast ambassadors at ham fests or on a 
one to one basis with our local ham radio friends, we can help with 
administrative tasks to run the organization.  For example:  Bob Carpenter, 
for much more than 10 years now, helps with administrative tasks in the 
AMSAT office just about, if not every week.  Paul Williamson has set up and 
run our AMSAT website and mail service for more years now than I can 
remember.  There are things that most of us could do to help, instead of 
griping about what "they" should do.

Let's pull together.  Let's support AMSAT financially as best as we can, 
and let's support AMSAT with presenting good ideas to our elected BOD, and 
lastly, let's all do something to encourage and help new members.

73 de Dieter kx4y

At 12:02 7/11/2003 +0100, John Heaton wrote:
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>On Friday, Jul 11, 2003, at 03:51 Europe/London, Greg Wycoff wrote:
>>maybe instead of have a president's club for funding amateur radio
>>satellites, maybe they need a president's club for funding ARISS, and let
>>our money (membership dues) go where it should building satellites.
>I think the whole idea of a Presidents Club smacks of Elitism, and gives 
>the impression that if you don't donate more than a certain amount then 
>your donation doesn't mean much, and if so why bother donating in the 
>first place.
>Donations should be anonymous..
>You'll be giving priority transponder access next to Presidents Club 
>members :-)
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