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RE: where does our money go?

On Fri, 11 Jul 2003, Robert McGwier wrote:

> the hobby is expensive and no one with fiduciary responsibility
> for this corporation is ever going to say "We will now
> vacuum test in ball jars after you empty out the canned tomatoes
> and we are going to shake by driving over a rough road" so
> please, get real.

To clarify Robert's missrepresentations:

My comments on cheap tests NEVER said they were qualification tests, they
were a MEANS to convey to the basement-builder in a manner he could relate
to and "have a feel for" as to the type of environment that his design had
to survive.

Everyone knows what a vibrating lawnmower feels like.  Few know what a
Random-Vib test to Qual levels of 5 G Feels like.  My post said that those
do-it-yourself tests were only to give the builder a "feel for" the kinds
of vibration his design must survive well.

All satellites must meet the highest standards of formal testing.  But
designers for darn sure should have a "feel for" and be READY for testing
and already KNOW that there hardware will survive BEFORE they submit it to
very expensive formal testing.  And there are cheap ways to get vibration
and temperature for such preliminary informal confidence testing.  That
was my point.

I never said nor implied that AMSAT satellite projects should ever not use
the highest standards of testing.  My comments were for the students or
AMSAT volunteers who are contemplating transponder designs for possible
use in some of the many cubesat projects..

I still maintain, that if someone builds a transponder (that will survive
all testing), then I am sure someone will find a ride for it.  AMSAT
cannot use member contributions to invest in such speculation.  But any
talented basement-builder on his own time and his own resources can invest
in some speculation if in the long run, he gets bragging rights to say his
transponder passed all tests and flew!

IE, "build it, and they will come..."
But, only build it if you KNOW what you build will survive..

de WB4APR, Bob

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