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Re: where does our money go?

On Thursday, Jul 10, 2003, at 23:30 America/Chicago, Robert McGwier 

> There are 4000 members in AMSAT-NA and some of them are
> life members and pay no further dues.  But let's assume
> that they are sustaining life members and give the dues.
> So that is $36*4000 = $144,000 to pay for salary and benefits,
> and other expenses of having a person and an office. I
> would say that and expenses for board members to travel to
> board meetings are in the mix,  and the costs of publishing
> the journal are there but they may be offset somewhat by
> advertising but maybe not, I don't know.  Overseas and other
> members pay more but they also cost more to ship them the
> journal.

I wonder how much we could save if travel expenses to things like ARISS 
and Board Meetings are funded by the individuals attending themselves?  
Yes, it would make it more financially difficult to be on the Board, 
but perhaps it's a cost that needs to be done.  Any other member 
wanting to attend would need to pay their own way.  In financially 
"rich" times, I can see why we'd want to do this, but if we spend 
several thousand dollars to get the board together in a hotel room, is 
that the best use of funds?  Those several thousand dollars could go 
towards a satellite.

Also, has the board ever considered using the idea of something like 
Webex to hold some of their meetings?  I see more and more companies 
doing it and while it's not practical in every case, a lot of times it 
certainly is.



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