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Re: where does our money go?

* Robert McGwier <rwmcgwier@comcast.net> [2003-07-10 23:54]:
> It is clear to me that the fine art of estimation is a lost and
> dying skill.  Unfortunately, another dying skill in AMSAT-NA is
> the art of making transponders.  If you want Mode B or Mode L or
> whatever, someone has to design the transponders on paper and then
> make them happen.  I would hazard a guess having been in the
> technical side of this house a while ago that I am not far
> wrong when I say that we are now at ZERO in terms of people
> available to do this work anywhere in AMSAT-NA that we can
> count on to deliver you what Werner Haas and his comrades
> or Matjaz Vidmar delivered or the Finns or . . . .  I am


You are 100% correct.

But lost in this discussion is the fact that the membership of 
AMSAT-DL has not significantly diminished since the demise of AO-13. 

They are planning P3E which is the kind of bird that half (according 
to Robin Haighton) of us are asking for. They seem to be confident that 
they can not only build the spacecraft (transponders and all) but get a 
ride for it to GTO.

Perhaps we should be raising funds for P3E or perhaps we could just get 
the plans from them and build a duplicate for a later launch? 

Why must every new project begin with redesinging the wheel?

Why is it that AMSAT-DL thinks they can do something that many here
don't believe possible?


Jeff, Ke9v
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