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Message: 13
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2003 17:05:04 -0700
From: "Mike McGowan" <mmcgowan1@cox.net>
Subject: RE: [amsat-bb] ARISS

As a veteran manager at Intel, I couldn't imagine a better marketing
opportunity than being able to get in front of some school kids in an
educational setting with my promotional messages and a kick ass demo like
talking to astronauts.  I don't know what the program is costing AMSAT and
perhaps ARISS is no longer affordable in a time of fiscal crisis, but most
commercial organizations couldn't buy that kind of opportunity.  Despite the
shuttle disaster, NASA has one of the most respected "brands" in the country
and any association with ham radio could be tremendously positive.  Sure the
kids want to talk to astronauts.  When I was their age I wanted to be an
astronaut.  It's a great hook.


Outside ARISS, it seems what little promotion AMSAT does, if at all, is
limited to a very narrow demographic: aging white men who are already hams.
It may be the right place to start -- no argument there -- but I can't see
much of a growth opportunity in that.

Mike McGowan - KU1X
Mike -

Good points.  We (AMSAT) are not demanding regarding "marketing coverage"
for our volunteer work or administrative dollars spent.
Our actions in these instances tell external organizations
that "our time is not worth much".  In the commercial world, Intel insists
(and demands by legal binding agreements) that the "Intel Inside" logo be
displayed prominently
on equipment that uses Intel processors.  This is true for organizations
(e.g. educational. non-profit or profit)
who desires to "couple" their brand with specific events or awareness
(e.g. look at sporting events, public TV, and college events).

When we (AMSAT) provide assistance (whether provided for dollars, "pro bono"
or volunteer) this
should always be within the framework of "advisory services".   Within this
letter of agreement
(or statement of work) is where the requirement for AMSAT branding, AMSAT
logo requirements for event or project
and what our expectations are for these advisory services (e.g. technical
advising, risk reviews, satellite
command control design).  Failure to provide - financial penalties.

Gregory Beat  - W9GB
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