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Re: To all BOD current and maybe new BOD


I'm glad you brought that up.

The portion you quoted seems to have been dropped from the Weekly Satellite
Bulletin in going through several editor changes in the last year.  Yes the
ANS bulletins are still read on the weekly HF nets on Sunday which is one
reason we try very hard to have the final bulletins released Saturday
evening.  If you look near the end of the Weekly Satellite Report you'll
still find it is still there every week.

I'll have to give some thought as to how much "boiler plate" information is
useful to have put into both weekly mailings or how it might best be

Take Care,
ANS Senior Editor

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> The following is from an ANS e-mail from early 2001:
> > ANS is first released via the AMSAT-NA 20-meter net held each Sunday
> > on 14.282 MHz. ...  ANS is also released worldwide via the AMSAT ANS
> > e-mail reflector.
> Note that this no longer appears in the ANS e-mails.  I will be quick
> to admit that I _never_ listened to ANS news over the air, and that
> I can't tell you if it is still read over the air.

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