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Re: Re: ARISS--for NASA or AMSAT?

On Thursday 10 July 2003 7:24 pm, Louis A. Mamakos wrote:
> There was a segment in the movie on an
> ARISS school contact -- frankly, a much longer segment that I expected
> they'd spend time on.  I didn't see all the credits, but I did see the big
> Lockheed-Martin credit in letters 5 feet high, and no AMSAT credit.
> louie
> wa3ymh

Hi Louie,
  you have a good point here, I was trolling around the ARISS websites and 
noticed the logo... real easy to see the "leagues" involvement, AMSAT is more 
subdued in the background...

I guess the real question here is who are the parties funding this and what 
percentage does each one supply... 

If AMSAT-NA is the biggest provider then we should get top billing and use 
this to expand AMSAT's reputation, visability and membership...

if AMSAT-NA is a minor player then we could back out and not hurt the 

something to think about....


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