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Re: Area Coordinator resource CD

Andrew Glasbrenner wrote:

> I think some audio of satellite QSOs would be an excellent addition. Some DX
> QSOs of of AO-40, FO-29 chats, and maybe a quiet pass of UO-14. I know I
> have some audio floating around here that would go well, and there are lots
> of guys that have many good clips. I hope you have a broadband connection!

I have a copy of the "Rev. 2.0" CD here, and it does have some audio on it.

When I had comitted to do a presentation about AO-40 to the Central 
Pennsylvania Repeater Association last month, I looked at the material 
on the CD and realized it wasn't current enough and didn't cover quite 
everything I wanted to.

So I made a web page that I used as both visuals and notes to myself for 
making the presentation. It's *not* a verbatim rendering of my talek, 
but lets you know what material I covered, and might be useful to other 
folks in the same situation. Feedback on the talk was quite positive; I 
seem to have achived my goal of teaching what I knew without 
overwhelming the audience with detail.

Currently I've got it hosted at


        73 de Maggie K3XS

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