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Re: Re: ARISS--for NASA or AMSAT?

Perhaps AMSAT should try to squeeze some money out of Lockheed-Martin
to help support the ARISS program.

This past weekend, I took a trip into downtown Washington DC to visit
the National Air and Space museum.  (I was selected as the "featured
observer" for June 2003 for some astrophotography, and wanted to see
my astrophotos posted in one of the exhibits there.  See
if you're interested.)  While there, I saw the IMAX movie featuring the
ISS in wonderful 3D presentation.  There was a segment in the movie
on an ARISS school contact -- frankly, a much longer segment that I 
expected they'd spend time on.  I didn't see all the credits, but I 
did see the big Lockheed-Martin credit in letters 5 feet high, and
no AMSAT credit.  

They thought this interesting enough to put in the IMAX film; perhaps
they'd like to donate some money to AMSAT, too?   I suspect that
Lockheed-Martin has dervied more PR benefit from ARISS via this film
than AMSAT has for all of it's support.


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