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Re: [aa] Re: Re: Up-coming AMSAT Board Election - Gunther-

On Fri, 11 Jul 2003, Cliff Buttschardt wrote:

> Martha, then I want to know.  How much is spent on travel and travel
> ONLY.  Be damned if I understand why AMSAT pays a dime regardless of
> NASA's "policy" that could well pay for travel so AMSAT would be free
> of that expense.  We HAVE the resource, we have the tools to demand
> attention.  We have ability and we are not using it!!   Cliff K7RR

Be careful of what you demand.  If NASA pays:

1) Traveling under government sponsorship is not pretty.  They turn a few
minute simple process into a day's worth of red tape.  And I do mean a
full DAY or a week of nightmares..  And you never get "approval" until
about a few hours before you are supposed to leave even if you requested
it a month ago.

2) Are you ready to justify every trip to a bean-counting clerk who has no
understanding of the HAM radio mission, and who can screw up your travel
at the lowest level?  Are you willing to miss flights and needed trips due
to government bumbling?

3) Are you willing to have NASA withhold all funding for 6 months every
time COngress delays the appropriations bill?

Sure, I am all for someone else paying the bills, but sometimes
(especially when you get married to the government) all you want later is
a divorce so you can get on with life and what you meant to accomplish
instead of spending all your time with Government BS.

I work for the government, and believe me, if you want to make any
progress on any mission of interest efficiently and with any modicum of
control over what you are trying to accomplish, then leave the government
out of it!

Your mileage may vary...


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