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Re: To all BOD current and maybe new BOD

EchoLink won't make a difference.  This list is goes 24/7.  If they were 
interested in discussion, they'd be here already.


At 05:31 PM 7/10/03 -0400, "Lee" <lee-fl@cfl.rr.com> wrote:
>Sounds like a good idea.  Most nites except Wednesday's are good for me.
>I'd like to suggest that each of the candidates present take a turn
>answering each question.  The second candidate to answer would rotate to
>start the next question.  That way no one is stuck being first or last to
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> > Subject: [amsat-bb] To all BOD current and maybe new BOD
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> > Would any of you be willing to meet on ECHO link (AMSAT link) say every
> > two
> > weeks or four weeks to take question, ideas, sugestion from the AMSAT
> > members. and share any new news you might have, like on a week end or on
> > some evening. might be a good way to settle some of the dust on some old
> > issues.
> >
> >
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