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getting ready to go on AO40 in ZL

Hi Barry,

My name is Kevin, ZL1OVY.  Have just recently been re-bitten by the
satellite bug (former RS and Dove user, and MIR).  My story may be a
familiar one.  Bought a FT-847 just before AO-40 launched, sold it 6mos
later when it wasnít going to be ďeasyĒ to work AO40 and my interest
waned.  But thanks to a local satellite Guru (ZL1AOX) being very helpful
& patient and tutoring me, my interest has come back.  Now that Iíve
seen a demo, and realizing the fright of trying 2.4Gig is actually not
so bad after all, I have decided to give AO40 a 2nd try.  The little
sats with short orbits donít hold my interest, if Iím going to make a
big investment in time and $$, I want to enjoy it for several hrs at a

Joined AMSAT 3wks ago, last week I got my James Miller patch feed,
AIDC3731 and 60cm dish pointed at AO-40, InstaTrack updated and heard it
for several hrs at apogee using an FT-817 as the receiver, about
5S-units above the noise on the FT-817. Lots of SSB & CW heard, as well
as MB.  So it looks like Iím all set there for rx.  

My IC-910H & 23cm module, arrived from the states today.  I have a 23cm
21 ele. loop yagi  (originally bought for 23cm ATV and not used much),
and know it wonít be perfect, however I will try it as my uplink aerial
since I already own it!  Just a temp pointing clamp system in use at
present, however at apogee, its fine for a good ½ hr or more.  May order
a G5500 soon, then make a decision on tracking system/software later
down the track (pun intended).
I would be keen to try a contact with you (or anyone for that matter).
However the reality is itíll probably take me a couple weeks in between
work &  family commitments before Iíve had time to master using the new
rig & learnt Doppler tuning so Iíd be confident enough to give it a go
on an official ďskedĒ.  I want to hear my own signal first, and be
confident I can work it competently before making a fool of myself on a
real sked!

I also have an IRLP node (6493) at my QTH so I could use that to
co-ordinate on the air so to speak, if you have IRLP available where you

Wanted to reply to your email to express interest in a sked between ZL
and SA (but just not as soon as tomorrow!).  If you can be patient, I
will let you know when Iím ready to go.  That goes for anyone else who's
still reading this!

Iíve been talking up AO-40 the past few weeks on our local rag-chew
techie freq, and 2 more ZL hams have ordered K5GNA downconverters Ė
there may soon be a surge in ZL-ops on AO-40.  These 2 guys were big
AO-10/13 users; who I think were the same as me, the fear of the unknown
about S-band probably has kept a few potential ops away. So who knows
what weíve started here in ZL!!

Kevin  Zl1OVY

Message: 13
Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2003 21:48:45 +0200
From: "Barry Murrell ZR6DXB" 
Subject: [amsat-bb] Any ZL Stations Active On AO-40

Hi All

I am looking for any ZL stations who are active on AO-40, to set up a
sked on the sat.

I have listened for ZL on several passes when we have a common window,
but heard nothing. This Friday has a useful looking pass, starting at
around 22h30 UTC (fairly early Saturday morning in New Zealand) and I
would really like to find someone who is prepared to commit to a sked.
This will be the very early hours of the morning here (UTC +2hrs) and it
is winter with sub-zero temperatures at night, so I don't want to be up
for nothing!

ZS-ZL seems to be quite a difficult one on any band. Any active stations
please let me know off list.

Barry ZR6DXB
Johannesburg, South Africa
56 DXCC Worked on AO40
72 DXCC Worked on 50Mhz

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