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New satellites

Hi group

Have been reading the debate on new satellites and cubesats with some

With all this technical ability on this reflector cant we organize
ourselves in to a team and make a small satellite we seem to have access
to some very technical people.

I have been talking to a friend of mine who for many years was involved
in the design and building of satellites. He once did a study on the
life expectancy of a satellite built from mainly farnell / radio Spares
components standard components you can get off the shelf he came up with
the answer of between 3-5 years.

So based on that can't we build some small almost disposable satellites
along the lines of cubesates? getting them lunched dose not seem too
difficult judging by the amount lunched recently.

I am happy to put some time, effort and some limited cash into building
a small satellite.

Any thoughts lets be positive and lets not forget we are Radio Amateurs
it's only a hobby how many times have we shown the experts it can be
done a different way, lets use our technical ability and ingenuity to
good effect. 

73 Keith 
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