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Jeff seems to have a decent enough handle on the questions that need to
be asked. Let's not degrade into a discussion if drinking on the beach!
     Here are few questions that need answers:
     Is the ARISS project to impress the 8 year old kids or to impress
the parents of the 8 year olds who pay taxes?
     Does it matter who gets new licenses or their age?
     Does AMSAT support ARISS or is it the other way around?
     Does AMSAT support ARRL or is it the other way around?
     When is AMSAT going to derive any LARGE benefit from either since
AMSAT has this unique source and the others do not?

There are lots of questions but since the election of the new board has
shown that the membership is finally interested in the bottom line both
financially and the proper use of personal resources, let's just answer
these points internally before we query the same questions externally!
Cliff K7RR
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