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Re: Let's build some Linear Transponders

On Thu, 10 Jul 2003, k0kn wrote:

> > VIBRATION:  Attach your device to your lawnmower and run it for 15
> > minutes at various speeds and  I'll bet you will be ready for any NASA
> > vibration test.
> I'd have liked to see your neighbor's expressions when you wheeled out your
> PCsat-mower!!!

Actually, its the experinece since I was a kid of building go-carts, model
airplanes and I even built my own motorcycle from laynmower parts that I
got a good feel for vibration. (and as a kid, everyting I built eventually
fell appart sooner or later, but the lessons were great)...

When PCsat got its official VIB test at the Navy Research Labs, I asked to
stay in the chamber with PCsat, instead of retiring to the control room
for the many hours of tests.  I wanted to have my hand on it for all tests
to "feel" the vibs, not just see a printed report of just numbers..

>From that experience I felt qualified to suggest the lawnmower test, as a
reasonable cheap means to get comparable vibrations.  No, not
quantifyable, but enough to serve as a preliminary go-no-go test to
see if a design was on the right track.  And most everyone who has a yard
to mow, knows what that vibration feels like.


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