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Re: Re: Up-coming AMSAT Board Election - Gunther -

On Thu, 10 Jul 2003 kgschaffrath@beckman.com wrote:

> Bob,

> I really find it hard to believe a bunch of 8 year olds are going to
> think about getting a ham license and build satellites after seeing a
> telephone linked demo to the space station.

Several Comments come to mind:

1) My experience in mentoring others is that the most fruitful time to get
someone interested in HAM radio is at the 8 to 12 year age group.  They
are fascinated and have the TIME.  If you dont get them by 14, forget it
until they are over 50... (we are talking probabiliities here)...

2) We had a school contact  via TELEbridge at our school and no-one but
the accute knew it was via telephone.  I used a Collins Phonepacth (its
built into the Collins Speaker Enclosure).  ANd a VHF rig with its
microphone.  An ALL the preparatory work and education and excitement for
the weeks prior was 100% ham radio.  The pass came and went, and worked
perfectly.  I pointed out that this "equipment" was linked though the
phone lines to the station in South Africa, but to all observers it
appeared like and worked like and WAS ham radio (with a long mic cord)...

Its all in what you do with it.

de WB4APR, Bob

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